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Pastry Chef in Montreal

Call us to place an order. 438-812-3254

As pastry chefs in Montreal, we make cakes with different flavors.

Sweet and savory in our pastry shop

Come and taste our unique cakes in our pastry shop. You will discover or rediscover :

  • Pistachio Bavarois,
  • Raspberry confit,
  • Dacquoises with pistachio,
  • Ganaches with white chocolate and pistachio,
  • Pistachio and raspberry cakes,
  • Citrus fruit tarts (yuzu cream, orange, grapefruit and lime),
  • Apple pies,
  • Cannelés of Bordeaux,
  • Chocolate and red fruit entremets,
  • Matcha Entremets,
  • Dark chocolate brownies,
  • Dark and white chocolate mousse.

Versatile pastry chefs, we also make home-made pastries. Among them, there is the butter croissant, the chocolatine, the raspberry danish and the apple turnover.

If you have a preference for savoury products, opt for a mixed salad, soup, stew, lasagna, gratin, paella, quiche or sandwich.

Pastry chefs in Montreal, we create sweet treats with a unique taste.

Pastry chef Montreal
Our products
  • Cakes
  • Viennese pastries
  • Savory dishes
  • Hot drinks
Our strengths
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Warm welcome
  • Helpful staff
  • Our pastry shop is located in Montreal.

Qualified pastry chefs for a birthday cake in Montreal

Pastry chefs by trade and by passion, we offer our services for all types of events. We create birthday cakes, wedding cakes, corporate cakes and many more. The fruit short cake with chocolate icing, the royal chocolate praline with hazelnuts and the red fruit shortcake are among our creations.

You can trust us to make the cake for 4, 6 or 8 people. You can be sure that we use fresh ingredients for the preparation of the cakes.

Our pastry chefs create cakes for 4, 6 or 8 people, depending on your needs.

Pastry chef Montreal